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Monday, 17 November 2008

Grains of Good News

Squeals in the schoolyard
      We’re pleased to see that those méchants élèves the Sundial Press, who foiled our plans to republish T.F. Powys’s Unclay, have at last abandoned their claim to be ‘publishers and republishers of remarkable original fiction’. This may well be true, but we dreamed up the phrase for ourselves first. Sundial now describe themselves less gratingly as ‘publishers of fine fiction’, which doesn’t have quite the same ring, but does have the virtue of being accurate. We’re also wryly amused by this lot, as they’ve deleted our words of praise for Unclay from their website too. Perhaps yelling Yah, boo, sucks! at the same time, as they hurled our bag of sweeties over the playground railing.
       So it goes.

Praise be
      Elizabeth Hopkinson’s excellent and unnerving The Kaleidoscope Man, which we published earlier this year, scored 3/5 in a review by Leslie Mcdowell in The Independent on Sunday. Not bad at all for a first novel, we thought. Here are the best bits:
     “Structured like a thriller, this debut offers a little more than simple ruminations on good and evil. …Hopkinson does a good job of capturing the psychological torment of ‘not knowing’, playing well on the fear of the unknown, and understanding what damage ignorance can do. Her style [is] refreshing, clear and sparse… [and] works best in the moments of shocking revelation when starkness is all you need.”
     Off you go then. Support your local bookshop!


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